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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What to wear in Italy??

Im going on a school trip to Italy in march...its going to be really cold and we will be doing a lot of walking I have no idea what to wear!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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What part of Italy will you be traveling to? No matter where you go, you'll be doing a lot of walking, so wear a pair of shoes that are already broken in. Keep in mind that you'll be in Italy, so footwear is also a fashion statement. I'm assuming since you said "school trip" that you're in high school, so that would also impact my advice about what to wear. This winter most of the Italian students were still wearing slim jeans, metallic silver shoes (I'd call them a tennis shoe, but I doubt that's the right name), and waist-length parka jackets trimmed with fur (fake or real is irrelevant). Scarves around the neck aren't just a fashion statement, they're also a great layer that you can easily discard when the sun come out. For girls, I noticed a lot more leggings and long tops this year (that means you'd need a top-of-the-thigh pea coat too. I go to Italy all of the time, so feel free to email if you'd like photos or more information.
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this was a lot of help

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