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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Question: Is Bagnoli near Naples a safe place to walk around. Is there a good restaurant there.?

Also, what is the best way to get there from Rome. Somebody told me the only way is to get the train to Naples and then take the cumana to Bagnoli.

ANSWER: Naples is a bit of a rough town, but you can certainly walk around there. Just watch out for pick pockets - especially at the train station and in crowds. I've done this trip alone (and I'm a woman who didn't speak Italian at the time), so you should be just fine. When you land in Rome, look for the "Treni" signs once you exit customs. I believe it's on the third floor. The train to Roma Termini Centrale should cost about 11 Euros and take about 30 minutes to downtown. You can buy your Eurail pass in advance online or at any of the ticket booths in the central station (after you exit the commuter train from the airport, you'll need to go upstairs to the main platform). Don't let those ticket machines intimidate you - on the touch screen, push the British flag and all directions will come up in English. Tons of trains go directly to Napoli. Once you get your ticket, it should list the train number (treno), time, car number (carrozza/vagone) and seat (posto) on it (you can opt for coach, first class, high speed, etc). Now head for the platform and look for the overhead reader boards. There are 20 platforms (abbreviated BIN on the sign) in Rome and you won't know your BIN until about 20 minutes before your train arrives. Car numbers will be listed inside the glass doors to the train, but if you get on the wrong one, you can always walk through the train to the correct one. The onboard Capo (ticketing agent) will check your ticket and help you find your seat if needed. 

Once you arrive in Napoli, you can catch the metro train over to Bagnoli for about 1.50 Euros. Look for the big red "M." Check out this google map because everywhere you see that red "M" is a metro stop.

Restaurants - I've eaten at a few there, but can't remember the names. Don't worry, it's hard to go wrong at any of them. HAPPY TRAVELS!

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