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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can same train tkt be used from Venice to Rome with stopover at Pisa?

I will be leaving early from Venice. Can i use single ticket to go to Rome with stopover at Pisa or do i need to take two separate tickets from Venice to Pisa and Pisa to Rome. Please suggest alternate options as well. Thanks.

Go to the Eurail site at… where you can buy an Italy pass from $179 US If you'll be traveling by train for more than one day. The same three-day inter-rail pass is 168 Euros on Trenitalia's site…

Trenitalia's site also has a journey proposals tab where you can search for alternate routes.

The advantage to having a flexible pass is that you can jump on and off as many trains as you can cram into any 24 hour period - including regional trains. WARNING: You MUST write the date and time on your pass as soon as you start using it on each day that you begin traveling! The on-board agent will check your pass. (I know, my sister and I got fined 50 Euros each for forgetting this one day.)

So, can you do Venice to Rome with a stopover in Pisa? Yes, but the first response was correct in telling you that you'd have to transfer at Florence to catch the train out to Pisa. As I recall, it was about an hour ride. Walking to the leaning tower from the station in Pisa will take about 20 minutes. If you decide to buy your single-use ticket's at the stations, you'll need to factor in additional time for buying them. From Pisa you can continue on to Rome on a standard train with transfer(s) or catch the fast train (ES) direct. I'd recommend getting on the website and playing around with the schedules to see how all of those connections would work out in your time frame before making a decision. One other quick tip, you can act like you're buying the tickets online to get exact fare prices BEFORE you actually pay for them.

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