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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How do I reserve an overnight train in Italy online?

This March I am going to Italy. I will take a train from Rome to Venice, and I'd like to take an overnight train--but all the places I can find are high-speed trains, or trains that don't show how long they take to get there. Any help?

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Rome to Venice by train is only about 4-5 hours on a BAD day. That's why you can't find an overnight train. Have you visited the Eurail site or Trenitalia? Granted, they are a bit confusing, but not to worry. You can pick up your ticket when you arrive in Rome. Are you taking the commuter train from Fiumicino Airport to Roma Terme? If so, that's about a 30 minute ride and it'll cost about 11 Euros - buy the ticket at the airport train station. Once you arrive at Roma Terme, you can buy your ticket to Venezia. If you'd like more detailed information, I'd be happy to share with you - just email

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