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Friday, February 19, 2010

Wading through the LONG list of potential ACTRESSES/ACTORS

Every day, film rumblings get louder and louder. While I've been thinking about the whole casting thing (and I know that won't be my job), I ponder...who would I choose to play my character in the film? Then there's my sister - who would play her?

I was on the phone with Angelo this morning and we were laughing about the whole prospect of other people playing us on film, so I asked him (in Italian), "Who should play you?" He didn't even hesitate before he blurted out, "George Clooney!" That cracked me up - I should have known that he'd say that. But I was thinking that George needs to have a cameo role as the first guy who hit on me in the bar before my sister arrived in Rome. Angelo's character HAS to be an Italian, so I'll run up a list of potential actors once I finish digging through all of these actress profiles.

Send me your suggestions if you have any!

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