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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What do teens wear in italy?

hi, im going to italy this summer and im going to be 16 when i go, and i was wondering what i should wear because i dont want to look like a tourist or anything. lol. so my dad told me they wear a lot of skirts and dresses? so any help?

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Since you're going this summer, I'd recommend skipping the jeans or anything heavy. (My 15 year old niece went with me last year and NEVER wore the jeans she hauled along.) Summer dresses are great - pack some shorter ones for the day and long ones for evening. Capri pants are good, but most of the time too hot for the day. Shoes - take your flip flops, but bring a pair of heals too (stuff those in your purse for a swap out right before you enter a restaurant). Take a pair of walking shoes that are broken in but don't LOOK like walking shoes. Shorts are only for the beach in Italy - and you'll almost never see an Italian woman wearing them. Again, a dress is perfect over your swimsuit. Take a shawl or scarf along - it functions as a fashion statement and keeps the chill off of your shoulders in the evenings.

Other tips: bring bandaids - if you run out, you'll need to visit a "farmacia" (look for the green cross anywhere); American blow-dryers have a tendency to get fried on Italian electrical and every hotel seems to have them, so skip that or bring a power convertor (not an adapter); take your own washcloths because nobody uses them there; pack your own feminine hygiene stuff if there's a chance you'll need it; bring a big purse, but keep it zipped and firmly under your arm.

Feel free to email me if you want any more info.


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