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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"One Night in Rome" tour updates

Here I go. On the road with "One Night in Rome." I was thinking of slapping a big sticker on the back of my car that says "Follow me to Italy" with in bold letters underneath. We'll see if I can slap that together before I leave on Thursday morning...

The route as planned to date:
Thursday, April 1st - Winthrop, WA - The Grubstake from 5-8pm
Friday, April 2nd - Omak, WA - The Koala Street Grill 4-7pm
Saturday, April 3rd - Spokane, WA - Europa Restaurant and Pizzeria 3-5pm
Sunday, April 4th (Easter) - hanging out with friends
Monday, April 5th - Missoula and Butte, MT
Tuesday, April 6th - Bismarck, ND
Wednesday, April 7th - St. Paul, MN
Thursday, April 8th - Chicago, IL
Friday, April 9th - Fort Wayne, IN
Saturday, April 10th thru Tuesday, April 13 - Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 15th - New York City, NY
Friday, April 16th thru Sunday, April 25th - ITALY!!!!
Monday, April 26th - Pittsburgh, PA
Tuesday, April 26th thru Sunday, May 2nd - Tampa, FL
Monday, May 3rd thru Wednesday, May 5th - Pittsburgh, PA
Thursday, May 6th - Dickerson, MD
Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th - New Bern, NC
Sunday, May 9th - Savannah, GA
Monday, May 10th - Savannah and Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, May 11th - Atlanta, GA
Wednesday, May 12th - D'lo, MS
Thursday, May 13th - Shreveport, LA
Friday, May 14th - Cedar Park, TX
Saturday, May 15th - Lubbock, TX
Sunday, May 16th - Roswell, NM
Monday, May 17th thru Wednesday, May 19th - Tucson, AZ
Thursday, May 20th - Fallbrook, CA
Friday, May 21st - Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd- Santa Clarita, CA
Monday, May 24th through Wednesday, May 26th - Santa Cruz, CA
Thursday, May 27th - Grants Pass, OR
Friday, May 28th - Portland and Canby, OR
Saturday, May 29th - HOME to Tacoma, WA

Whew, I'm tired just from typing that!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogs are coming alive with "One Night in Rome"

Here I am, awake in the middle of the night...finding my book on BLOGS! Keep it up...

And there are more!

Friday, March 26, 2010

One Night in Rome goes on the road

Here it is, the beginning of the tour. I've pinned tentative stops along the route to New York City! So far, I have places lined up to stay in all but North Dakota. From New York, I fly off to Rome for 9 days with Angelo. That's certainly not long enough for me, but I have to get back for the southern leg of the tour. And Angelo has tons of work to get ready for the summer tourist season.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On Night in Rome hits the American highway

yeah, this was posted on createspace today, but I already had it in my plan...

Missing my romance in Italy

OK - I've been soooo busy getting this book published and promoted that I haven't updated anyone on how things are going with Angelo and I. First, let me just say that I miss him terribly. But I know that if I head back to Calabria right now, he won't have time for me and I'll be completely sidetracked thinking about all of the work I need to do to ensure this and future publications are successful.

Why won't he have time for me? That new market of his still isn't open, and on top of that, he's changing his franchising and is in the midst of a messy software installation. I can't wait for the day when things calm down and we can spend some time together. Looking at the bright side, I now have the opportunity to work on my Italian while translating the book with my tutor. It would be really cool if I could have books printed in Italian for him before the trip I take in July (that's when my sons are going to Italy with me).

Somehow, I'll squeeze a trip to Angelo in around the middle of May. Then I'll finish my book tour covering the eastern seaboard, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and back home to Washington.

Then we'll see. Maybe I'll go house hunting in Scalea again. It certainly feels like it's time to make a decision about where I'm going to plant myself. And I can't imagine that being 6000 miles away from my Italian Romeo...

Email if you would like me to stop in your town on the "One Night in Rome" book tour. And don't forget - the contest. You could win your own night in Rome. A chance for an adventure like mine.

"One Night in Rome" is available on Amazon today!

Yes - finally the book is live on
All purchase are eligible of an entry in the "Win Your Own Night in Rome" contest, but I won't be able to retrieve any purchaser information from Amazon book buyers. So BE SURE TO GO back over to to enter the contest after you purchase "One Night in Rome" on Amazon. If you buy on , you will automatically be entered in the contest. Of course, all of those pesky contest rules apply to every entry.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Night in Rome book tour map

If you'd like to see me stop in your town, email or blog me ....
check out the map!,-95.625&spn=34.622095,91.230469&z=4

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March blog deficiency and FREE contest info!

Since a Facebook friend of mine just commented that she loved my blog tonight (I had NO idea anyone was actually reading it), I suddenly realized that I'd only posted 3 entries for the entire month of MARCH. I could try to justify that with some blah, blah, blah about how busy I've been with planning the contest, but that shouldn't break my stride.

Did I say CONTEST? Have any of you read about that?

You see - I was thinking that it would be really cool if I could give someone else their own chance for an adventure in Italy, so this is the plan I hatched: Round-trip economy class airfare, 3 nights at the Sheraton Parco Golf di Medici-Roma (the VERY SAME hotel where I met Angelo), and a 4-day Eurail Italy pass. And yes, this is only good for ONE person. That means whoever wins will have to do what I did - land in Rome alone, find the hotel, find the train, and let the madcap mania begin. If the thought of traveling to a foreign country alone is a little intimidating at first, you could always strong-arm a girlfriend (or a sister) into splitting a second fare. Then there is always the chance that you could ditch her somewhere (ahem...people do that) if some crazy inspiration sends you off in another direction. AND if I'm in Italy when you show up, you can pop in for a visit, but you have to get there....wherever there is.

I don't want this to sound like one big sales pitch. You really can just go to the site
and enter the contest without spending a cent. Of course, I'd love it if you bought the book. I'd love it even more if you loved the book. I'd love it most if you won - whoever you are.

Have fun watching the videos and know that there is nothing stopping you from living your dreams! Really!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Find me some griglatta mista!

One would think that living near the Pacific Ocean would make this an easy task. Hah - I say! If anyone can tell me where I can get this - my favorite Italian dish - dinner is ON ME. I should clarify - somewhere near Tacoma. PLEASE! When I'm not in Italy for weeks on end, I find myself thinking of that plate of grilled squid, shrimp, and white fish drizzled with olive oil and lemon...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Videos of Italy

I'm posting new videos of Italy to you tube all of the time so be sure to visit the channel at

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Win your own night in Rome!

Exciting news! This week I had the opportunity to meet with Travel Leaders and work on a partnership for the trip to Rome. My goal is to give the winner a chance for their own adventure in Italy. So here's what's currently on the table: roundtrip economy class airfare to Rome, 3 nights stay at the Sheraton Parco de Medici in Rome, and a 4 day Italy Eurail pass. That ought to be sufficient fuel to get anyone started on their own Italian adventure...don't you think?

I'd like some suggestions for potential 2nd and 3rd prizes. Something paying for a passport application to get you dreaming of travel? Maps of the world? "1000 Place to See Before You Die"?