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Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing my romance in Italy

OK - I've been soooo busy getting this book published and promoted that I haven't updated anyone on how things are going with Angelo and I. First, let me just say that I miss him terribly. But I know that if I head back to Calabria right now, he won't have time for me and I'll be completely sidetracked thinking about all of the work I need to do to ensure this and future publications are successful.

Why won't he have time for me? That new market of his still isn't open, and on top of that, he's changing his franchising and is in the midst of a messy software installation. I can't wait for the day when things calm down and we can spend some time together. Looking at the bright side, I now have the opportunity to work on my Italian while translating the book with my tutor. It would be really cool if I could have books printed in Italian for him before the trip I take in July (that's when my sons are going to Italy with me).

Somehow, I'll squeeze a trip to Angelo in around the middle of May. Then I'll finish my book tour covering the eastern seaboard, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and back home to Washington.

Then we'll see. Maybe I'll go house hunting in Scalea again. It certainly feels like it's time to make a decision about where I'm going to plant myself. And I can't imagine that being 6000 miles away from my Italian Romeo...

Email if you would like me to stop in your town on the "One Night in Rome" book tour. And don't forget - the contest. You could win your own night in Rome. A chance for an adventure like mine.

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