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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"One Night in Rome" tour updates

Here I go. On the road with "One Night in Rome." I was thinking of slapping a big sticker on the back of my car that says "Follow me to Italy" with in bold letters underneath. We'll see if I can slap that together before I leave on Thursday morning...

The route as planned to date:
Thursday, April 1st - Winthrop, WA - The Grubstake from 5-8pm
Friday, April 2nd - Omak, WA - The Koala Street Grill 4-7pm
Saturday, April 3rd - Spokane, WA - Europa Restaurant and Pizzeria 3-5pm
Sunday, April 4th (Easter) - hanging out with friends
Monday, April 5th - Missoula and Butte, MT
Tuesday, April 6th - Bismarck, ND
Wednesday, April 7th - St. Paul, MN
Thursday, April 8th - Chicago, IL
Friday, April 9th - Fort Wayne, IN
Saturday, April 10th thru Tuesday, April 13 - Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 15th - New York City, NY
Friday, April 16th thru Sunday, April 25th - ITALY!!!!
Monday, April 26th - Pittsburgh, PA
Tuesday, April 26th thru Sunday, May 2nd - Tampa, FL
Monday, May 3rd thru Wednesday, May 5th - Pittsburgh, PA
Thursday, May 6th - Dickerson, MD
Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th - New Bern, NC
Sunday, May 9th - Savannah, GA
Monday, May 10th - Savannah and Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, May 11th - Atlanta, GA
Wednesday, May 12th - D'lo, MS
Thursday, May 13th - Shreveport, LA
Friday, May 14th - Cedar Park, TX
Saturday, May 15th - Lubbock, TX
Sunday, May 16th - Roswell, NM
Monday, May 17th thru Wednesday, May 19th - Tucson, AZ
Thursday, May 20th - Fallbrook, CA
Friday, May 21st - Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd- Santa Clarita, CA
Monday, May 24th through Wednesday, May 26th - Santa Cruz, CA
Thursday, May 27th - Grants Pass, OR
Friday, May 28th - Portland and Canby, OR
Saturday, May 29th - HOME to Tacoma, WA

Whew, I'm tired just from typing that!


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