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Monday, April 19, 2010

One Night in Rome's press release


New memoir recalls author�s unexpected romance in Eternal City

 One Night in Rome and the End of Life as I Knew It by Michelle Merritt shares the author�s story of romance and redemption in southern Italy

TACOMA, Wash. – One Night in Rome and the End of Life as I Knew It, a memoir by Michelle Merritt, follows the author on a life-altering vacation to Italy where she hoped to recover from tragedy. Instead she found romance and rediscovered her passion for life.
Reeling from the tragic loss of her parents and suffering from empty nest syndrome with the departure of her children, Merritt planned a therapeutic getaway to Italy with her stepsister. However, a series of unexpected events intervene to transform her trip. After meeting a handsome stranger named Angelo in Rome, Merritt ventures to Spain but decides to embark on a solo adventure back to Italy to rendezvous with him. Intrigued by the possibilities and free from the responsibilities and expectations of home, Merritt rediscovers romance and learns valuable lessons about life.

�The death of my parents shattered many of the plans that I had for my future,� Merritt says. �Out of that experience, a new and unexpected life became my reality. I wrote my story with the hope that it would inspire others as they face life's challenges.�

Merritt goes on to describe her whirlwind romance with Angelo and their tearful goodbye at the conclusion of the trip. The separation would only be temporary, the beginning of a new life with frequent returns to the country she learned to love so much. Intended to entertain and inspire, the book features detailed descriptions of Italian food, art, architecture and society from the perspective of a first-time visitor enchanted with all that she sees.

One reviewer on states, �Simple and down to earth about the heartbreak of an everyday person, then showing that dreams can come true�Such a wonderful book on the journey of a lifetime, the ups and the downs showing us ends can be new beginnings.�

One Night in Rome and the End of Life as I Knew It is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author
Michelle Merritt is a writer and frequent visitor to Italy. She is the proud mother of two grown sons who miraculously survived her parenting but missed the discipline so much that they joined the military. A three-time college dropout, Michelle intends to complete her academic education one day but not before she has visited every country where her parents traveled.

Michelle Merritt    
Phone:                         (253) 444-7019


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